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Returnable / Reuseable Safety Container

25L SS Safety Container

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1 CGISB-25L CGI Reusable Safety Container-25L CGI Reusable Safety Container-25L View

Returnable / Reuseable Safety Container

The consumption of solvents in returnable stainless steel containers represents a remarkable opportunity to contribute towards environmental sustainability.

It also involves a significant saving in the consumption of packaging materials as a result of the long-lasting and resistant nature**(Except DCA & TCA combination) of stainless steel containers, which therefore simplifies laboratory waste management.

The working system is extremely simple: after consuming the solvent contained in the drum, you simply return to us for next shipment of yours.

To guarantee the solvent quality, the empty drum is cleaned, filled with solvent and controlled on an individual product basis.

We have 25 Litres of stainless steel containers with its cap with adapter having two pores, one of Solvent transport and another port for Gas transport.

25 Litres of stainless steel containers is UN Certified for hazardous material transportation.