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CGI Cap Cum Adapter

CGI Cap Cum Adapter

  • CGI Cap Cum Adapter ensures safe transport of gas/solvents with the help of tubes & ferrules.
  • It is immensely helpful in manufacturing anhydrous solutions.
  • The CGI Cap Cum Adapter Chemical compatible with various laboratory chemicals & Solvents.
  • The cap made by Polypropylene & the Adapter is made by PTFE.
  • It’s tight seal prevents any kind of contamination, evaporation and leakage.
  • CGI Cap Cum Adapter is available in three different neck sizes, 28-410, 38-439 & GL45.
  • CGI Cap Cum Adapter’s have two ports, one port for solvents whereas the other port for gas.
  • For your convenient, we also provide CGI Cap Cum Adapter without hole, so one can make ports as per their own ferrules thickness.

Neck Size
Cap cum Adapter


Cat# CGIAD-2500

Cat# CGIAD-2500A
6 units


Cat# CGIAD-2501

Cat# CGIAD-2501A
6 units

(4.0L )

Cat# CGIAD-2502

Cat# CGIAD-2502A
6 units

(1.0L, 2.0L, 3.0L & 5.0L)

Cat# CGIAD-2503

Cat# CGIAD-2503A
6 units