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Cap Adapter for 2.5L Reagent Bottle

Catalog# CGIAD-2500
Size: 2.5L Bottle
Closure Size 28/410
Style Closed System
Closure Style Screw thread
Pack Size Two units Adapter in a pack
Shipping Immediately

  • The adapter system ensures safe discharge, compared to open discharge.
  • The PTFE adapter & its inner liner cap is suitable for all chemicals & solvents.
  • The PTFE Adapters have a tight seal and offer a good barricade to leave chemicals.
  • The inside liner of the adapter cap is tight inside to eliminate leakage, evaporation & contamination.
  • The cap appropriately fits with glass bottles to ensure proper delivery.
  • Cap’s Adapter Neck size 28/410 with three ports, each Port size - 1/4" UNF with expanded PTFE gaskets.
  • The Cap includes plugs for unused holes. Each port has a through 1/8” for ferrules for 1.6mm OD for tubing.
  • Push tubing through the cap to supply your system. Out of three outlets one of them is used for Argon / Nitrogen gas for dry purging and another two for transport chemicals to synthesiser. Use plugs for unused holes if any.