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ChemGenes India Private Limited

ChemGenes India Private Limited is a supplier of the ULTRA-PURE quality of Oligonucleotide Synthesis Reagents, Mononucleotides & Nucleosides and their intermediates and Phosphoramidites Chemistry Reagents from small quantities to large quantities.

Research & Development

Our in-house Research & Development wing is focused on the improvement of the current manufacturing process, new product development, and new application for existing products with deep technical know-how and process development ability, as well as adequate R&D infrastructure.

Product Groups

Our Synthetic Nucleosides category, we produce Ancillary Reagents for Oligonucleotide Synthesis, Nucleosides, Phosphoramidite chemistry Reagents & Potassium Bromide. We also produce Deoxy Nucleosides, Deoxy Amidites, Ribo Amidites & Methoxy Amidites & Supports for DNA & RNA Synthesis.

Our Products

Explore Our Main Products.


Ancillary Reagent

ChemGenes India offers Ancillary Reagents for Oligonucleotide Synthesis. Our Ancillary Reagents (Oligo Synthesis Reagents) are produced and packaged to conform to maximum performance on oligonucleotide synthesizers.

We have a vast variety & combination of Ancillary Reagents for oligonucleotide applications. These Products have authentic Quality and best Performance for DNA / RNA Synthesis.


High Purity - Reagents

ChemGenes India offers Ultra-Pure Quality’s Synthetic Reagents, consist of an extensive variety of chemicals uses in chemical synthesis.

These Reagents are the key components used for transforming functional groups. These reagents have reliable Quality and best Performance. Multigram to Kilogram producing facilities are available.


High Purity – Dry Solvent

ChemGenes India offers High Purity – Dry Solvents that are the highest standards of purity with low water content, suitable for demanding laboratory applications. The Dried solvents are produced using specially selected distillation methods that ensure consistently high dryness and batch-to-batch consistency. functional groups.


Nucleosides ( Standard & Modified)

ChemGenes India offers a range of High Purity & Ultra-Pure Quality of nucleosides.

In the segment of standard and Modified Nucleosides we produce Deoxy, Ribo & Methoxy Protected & unprotected Nucleosides. which are using in oligonucleosides synthesis. Bulk quantity production facilities are available.



ChemGenes India offers varieties of Phosphoramidites with base protection options (bz, ibu, ac, DMF).

The DNA and RNA phosphoramidites are designed for oligonucleotide synthesis. We are producing Deoxy, Ribo, Methoxy Amidites & quenchers.

These Products have authentic Quality and best Performance for DNA / RNA Synthesis. Bulk quantity production facilities are available.


Cap Cum Adapter

ChemGenes India offers Reagent bottle’s Cap Cum Adapter, which ensures safe transport of gas/solvents with the help of tubes & ferrules.

It is immensely helpful in manufacturing anhydrous solutions. The cap made by Polypropylene & the Adapter is made by PTFE.

It’s tight seal prevents any kind of contamination, evaporation and leakage.


Returnable / Reuseable Safety Container

ChemGenes India offers CGI Reusable Safety Container - 25L made of high-quality stainless steel (SS316L) & chemical resistant.

CGI Reusable Safety Container - 25L is UN-approved packaging (ADR and IMDG) for hazardous liquid chemicals.

Equipped with filling-plug (SS-screw cap with Teflon adapter having two outlets one for gas and another for solvent.


Drying Taps ( For maintaining anhydrous conditions)

ChemGenes India offers a CGI Drying Traps are used for maintaining moisture-free environments in oligonucleotide synthesis. The use of these traps will generate super anhydrous conditions for high-quality full-length DNA/RNA.

Available in four different sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.